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At Manglam Decor, we offer core designing services integral to the next stages of your dream design.

• Creative design concept
• Interior design documents
• Space Planning
• 2d Layouts
• 3d Visualization
• Material Detailing
• Site visit and Coordination
Manglam decor interior designing services
Furniture Layouts and Plans

Interior Design

Manglam Decor has a vast experience when it comes to interior design. Our designs speak for themselves.

• Design Concept
• Material labels and Procurement
• Space Planning
• 2d Layouts and Documentation
• Furnishing
• Artwork and Sculpture
• 3d Visualization
• Material Detailing
• Furniture Layouts and Plans
• Lightning Design
• Project Coordination
• Decor and Accessorizing

Interior Architecture

We understand how important the architecture is when it comes to designing your dream project.

• Structural Engineering
• Foundation Plan
• Architectural Documents
• Construction Documents
• 2d Elevations
• Coordination with M.E.P, Fire, Landscape, HVAC etc.
• Sections
• Interior Design Planning and Documents
Interior Architecture
Turnkey Execution

Turnkey Execution

At Manglam Decor, our team takes total responsibility of the design and execution of the project.

• End to End Interior Solutions
• Quality Control
• Oversight by Senior Designers
• On-site Execution
• Professional Installers of all Furnitures, Fixtures or other equipments
• Walk Through Upon Project Completion

Bespoke Furniture

At Manglam Decor, we provide furniture which is tailor made to suit your measures, fittings and most importantly your preferences.

• Custom-made furniture
• Furniture Detailing
• Furniture Installation upon delivery
Furniture Installation upon delivery
Project Consultancy

Project Consultancy

Our team of consultants can help you with the entire project management within given constraints of time, budget and quality.
• Focus on Client and End User
• Project Inception
• Design strategy
• Budgeting
• Effective, Professional Management
• Vendor Management
• Senior Designer Consultation


Our team takes special care of the entire decor of your dream project and leaves no stone unturned to match it with your style.

• Interior and Exterior Furnishings
• Style your Property for a picture perfect look
• Rugs
• Lighting
• Accessories
• Artwork and Sculpture
Interior and Exterior Furnishings Decor
Get E-design Services at Manglam Decor

E-design Services

Our team is fully equipped with designing tools to create an entire design layout online to give you a glimpse of your dream design.

• Project Understanding and research
• Design Concept
• Drawings and Detailing
• Material and Vendor Consultation
• Project Specifications

Landscape Design

We provide complete landscape design service for your yard, outdoor living, home outside, commercial property, lawns etc.

• Landscape 2d
• Landscape 3d
• Installation and delivery
complete landscape design service
Vastu Consultancy

Vastu Consultancy

Just like a human body, every property be it private or commercial needs a scientific study from a certified practitioner like us.

• Vastu Planning
• Consultation and Remedies

Viable Architecture

At Manglam Decor, we seek to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space.
• Organic Material
• Environment Friendly design
• Use of Energy-efficient technology
Viable Architecture
Get Customized Services here

Customized Services

We understand that every customer is different so as their choices. Therefore, we offer services that suit your needs, budgets and preferences.

• Fully Personalized Services
• Product Design
• Couture Design

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